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What i describe here is a simple basic description to make a point. We take into account at least 10 planets in a birth chart interpretation - which, in a real person means this can be considerably modified.   why sagittarius is so attracted to pisces zodiac signs they are both full of wisdom about different topics, allowing them to teach one another. This is why any discussion of which personality is more attractive is sure to fall apart at some point in time. To make this comparison between the aries and pisces more productive, ive limited the inquiry. Instead of looking at their complete personalities as a whole, ive focused on their ability to attract others.   its one of the ways we can understand why pisces zodiac signs find scorpios so attractive. Just because youre attracted to a certain zodiac sign doesnt mean youll work well together.   pisces are a mix of that slightly evil, sexual and super secretive. That is why male pisces ooze that energy, making them super attractive and irresistible, on the surface at least. For some of us (such as myself leo sunascmer and libra marsmoon) pisces rub us the wrong way, both genders. Pisces guys hate it when people are rude, loud and swears too much. They enjoy when someone knows how to act with grace and respect in any situation. By knowing what do pisces guys find attractive, you can make them. They are so attractive because they are feminine open minded caring giving strong funny real and charismatic. Pisces women are very attractive and love suducing though the are timid. As the 12th sign of the zodiac, pisceans are some of the worlds most beautiful, soulful, captivating spirits. To attract a pisces, you have to be romantic in the mushy fairy tale kind of way. What makes a pisces girl attractive? What is it? I have pisces sun and capricorn moon and scorpio ascendant. I know this cap guy who always stares at me for nearly three years and still going but he was dating an aquarius friend of his which to be quite frank was probs not good but they are good friends though. They broke up and they went out again but after 23 days it was over.

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